The erotic massage is the best therapy for premature ejaculation

A problem affecting many men, premature ejaculation is uncontrolled ejaculation with minimal sexual contact.

Erotic massage is one of the best therapies for helping men learn to control premature ejaculation, as in a tantric massage the masseuse performs a gentle massage stimulating the entire body while gradually increasing the sensuousness of the movements. This technique allows her to help control your sexual reflexes and ejaculation as a result.

In order for your erotic massage to be more effective, your masseuse can either be totally naked or wearing a thong. This will allow you to make the massage more or less erotic, with those affected by premature ejaculation advised to select the second option the first few times they enjoy an erotic massage, desexualizing the masseuse slightly and helping them learn to to control sexual reflexes and premature ejaculation as a result.

At Royal Tantra Massages, we always listen to our customers and therefore in our experience it is best for those affected by premature ejaculation to explain the nature of the situation to the masseuse before the massage. This will help guide her delivery of the massage and allow her to help you control your reflexes by means of techniques used in Lingam massage.

Lingam massage involves stimulating the genital area with hot oils and very slow movements in order to provide a more pleasurable sense of lubrication in which the massage recipient can guide the masseuse in terms of speed.

Royal Tantra Massages allows you to select your masseuse of choice, meaning you will not only be learning techniques beneficial to your sexual health, but also be enjoying a highly relaxing massage with your favorite erotic masseuse.

Relax and allow yourself to delve into a world of new sensations in the hands of Barcelona’s most beautiful and professional erotic masseuses!

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