Prostate Massage

A prostate massage is a unique and highly personal experience we individually tailor for all of our clients.

Everyone is unique, and for this reason here at Royal Tantra Massages we take all steps to ensure that our prostate massages are highly pleasurable and sensual experiences, ensuring recipients are as comfortable as possible.

Prostate massages are performed on tatami mats in private rooms by erotic masseuses using hot oils, with their expert touch delivering sensual and erotic movements producing extremely intense and pleasurable sensations.

The prostate is a highly sensitive and stimulating area that plays an important role in sexual pleasure, enhancing ejaculation.

Many men choose to use prostate massage to reach orgasm due to the special and pleasurable form of stimulation that may be achieved and deepened by their masseuse’s expert tantric skills.

This unique form of stimulation may be produced through the rectal wall or externally by means of the perineum, located beside the rectum.

Add a €20 supplement to enhance your prostate massage with your favourite tantric massage.

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