Nuru Massage Barcelona

Nuru Massage, is the latest trend sweeping the world of erotic massage in Barcelona, as one of the most pleasurable and innovative erotic therapies.

What does an erotic massage with Nuru gel involve?

An erotic massage with nuru gel is a ritual performed on a tatami mat and begins with your masseuse applying gel on your entire body with her hands, using gentle, circular movements. Once your body is completely covered in the gel, the masseuse begins performing a relaxing massage from your head to your toes with soft movements in order to help you truly unwind.

Once the relaxation ritual is complete, your masseuse will move on to sensual, body-to-body movements, slowing stroking your body in order to spread the nuru gel across your skin. You’ll experience unique and unrivalled sensations thanks to the nuru gel’s ability to make physical contact with your masseuse even more extreme and pleasurable, awakening sensations entirely new compared to conventional erotic massages.

At Royal Tantra Massages, we use Original Nuru Gel that is 100% skin friendly and dermatologically tested. In actual fact, Original Nuru Gel is made from organic seaweed making it beneficial for the skin thanks to the mineral salts and antioxidants in the seaweed.

Erotic massages with nuru gel require great skill on the part of masseuse, and here at Royal Tantra Massages we ensure you will be in expert hands.

Our Original Nuru Gel Massage is an unmissable experience for all fans of erotic massage.

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