Massage four hands

If you believe that an erotic massage with a single masseuse is a unique and special experience, imagine what a 4-hands massage with two of our beautiful Spanish masseuses would be like!

A 4-hands massage is a highly unique form of pleasure that should be experienced at least once in life. The sight and touch of two beautiful masseuses performing an erotic massage at the same pace and in close proximity will awaken your wild and erotic side, pushing you to the brink of pleasure.

Our 4-hands erotic and tantric massage is a unique sensual ritual designed by Royal Tantra Massages and performed in a private room, allowing you to select your masseuses to ensure the experience is as personalised and unique as possible.

This special erotic massage combines your two masseuses most erotic movements in perfect harmony, with hot oils and relaxing music used to ensure you can unwind all the way from your head to your toes. Beginning with movements characteristic of relaxing massage, our masseuses then move on to more erotic and tantric touches, with their body-to-body contact leading you from relaxation to ultimate erotic and sensual pleasure.

Allow yourself to be seduced by our 4-hands massage, experiencing Barcelona’s number one erotic and tantric massage along every inch of your body at the hands of our stunning expert masseuses.

Enjoy your unique erotic 4-hands massage at Royal Tantra Massages Barcelona.

From €120 for 30 minutes and €200 for 1 hour for both masseuses.

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