Erotic Massage foot fetishism

Foot fetishism, or podophilia, is one of the most common fetishes among men, often involving a pronounced interest in women’s feet.

In light of the demand among our clients for such a specialist service, here at Royal Tantra Massages we have designed an exclusive Nuad Thai erotic massage performed by means of the feet.

The Nuad Thai erotic massage has been specially designed for foot fetishists and is performed by means of the masseuse’s feet. By using hot oils and gentle movements, the masseuse will cover your entire body with her feet in a private room with relaxing music in order to create an intimate atmosphere and one of close proximity between your two bodies.

This highly special ritual will see your masseuse of choice using gentle movements with her feet to massage your body from top to toe, with the same level of eroticism achieved as massages delivered with the hands. This will help you unwind and relax, allowing the masseuse to move on from the initial part of the massage to more erotic and sensual movements, covering your body and making it enter a state of extreme pleasure, awakening your most erotic and passionate side.

The Nuad Thai Feet erotic massage is highly interactive, allowing you to stroke your masseuse’s seductive feet and body throughout the massage.

Preferences vary enormously among those with foot fetishes, therefore we can also personalise your massage, with the masseuse wearing tights and using accessories if requested in order to ensure your erotic massage fulfills your wildest dreams!


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