Erotic shower Massage

An erotic massage in Royal Tantra Massages is already a unique and an incomparable experience, but if we add the pleasure of an erotic shower with massage and foam before or after your erotic massage, we make the combination even more pleasurable and sensitive.

An erotic shower is a moment of relaxation and sensuality underwater with your most special masseuse. Your erotic shower can be either with special aromatic soaps to awaken your most sensual side or with a neutral soap that leaves no smell.

Once the erotic shower ritual has started, your masseuse will perform very sensual and relaxing movements with soap all over your body while she moves sensually body to body.

The touch of expert hands under the shower make an erotic shower become into a game of extreme pleasure and sensuality in which both of you will participate equally to achive a very personalized moment of intimacy underwater.

In the case you choose your erotic shower at the begining of the erotic massage, once the erotic shower is over, the masseuse will accompany you to the room to start with your most special erotic massage in which you will be able to enjoy of an unbeatable sensuality and eroticism all combined with a good traditional relaxing massage.

With this combination of an erotic shower and an erotic massage, your body will reach a level of relaxation and stimulation that will help you to feel a more extreme pleasure at every inch of the massage.

Enjoy of an erotic shower in Royal Tantra Massages only for 20€.

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