Body to body Massage

The body-to-body ritual is a unique sensation in the world of erotic massage, with the masseuse’s proximity and sensuality heightened through maximum physical contact. This is a technique that few masseuses perform correctly, as it requires both sensuality and gentleness in order to harness the powers of physical touch, ensuring the recipient experiences wave after wave of sensual pleasure.

At Royal Tantra Massages, we believe that 60% of sensations are transmitted by means of body to body contact. Such a belief has inspired the ritual performed in our massages, where body to body contact is used as a starting point for the most sensual and erotic part of the massage, with the technique a central focus thanks to its key role in ensuring erotic massage combines sensuality, sophistication and relaxation, without neglecting the techniques of traditional massage.

Our body-to-body massage is performed by Barcelona’s most elegant masseuses, in a warm and soothing environment that will allow you to relax and unwind in a moment of pure bliss.

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